WB Reportedly Plans To Make Lethal Weapon 6 After The Fifth Film


A fifth Lethal Weapon film is currently in the works with the original cast members set to return, and when it comes to the infamous action-comedy franchise, the studio is just getting started, it seems. And that’s because Warner Brothers is apparently interested in making a Lethal Weapon 6 as well.

After years of speculation, it was reported last month that Lethal Weapon 5 was finally going to become a reality. The fourth film released back in 1998 and now, more than two decades later, Riggs and Murtaugh will soon return to the big screen. According to producer Dan Lin, Mel Gibson and Danny Glover are officially on board for the next installment and Richard Donner, who’s directed every movie in the franchise so far, is said to be involved as well. Not only that, but all this excitement has Warner Brothers allegedly already looking past this next effort to a sixth chapter in the Lethal Weapon legacy.


Sources close to WGTC – the same ones who told us that Lethal Weapon 5 was moving forward with Gibson and Glover months before Lin announced it – say that the studio wants to do another outing after this next one. Apparently, both of the aforementioned actors would return again but this time, in smaller roles, as Lethal Weapon 6 will act as a changing of the guard to set the franchise up to continue with some younger talent.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any further details to share, but it seems that the property is about to return in a big way, bringing with it everything that made the first few films so great. Of course, we imagine that Lethal Weapon 6 will only move forward if the next one is a hit at the box office, but it seems that there’s still an appetite out there for this particular action series and we can’t wait to see what WB is cooking up for us.