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Watch: New Monster Hunter Clip Unleashes The Fearsome Rathalos

A new clip from Sony's upcoming Monster Hunter movie reveals the devastation that an angry Rathalos can cause on very flammable humans.

Monster Hunter

Paul W.S. Anderson’s upcoming creature feature based on Capcom’s video game of the same name is just days away from release in the States. As was the case with the director’s Resident Evil adaptation, Monster Hunter takes some creative liberties with the source material for its live-action debut, which sees a band of stranded soldiers transported to a faraway realm populated by megafauna large enough to make a T. Rex look like a chihuahua.

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The group, desperately seeking a way to return home and led by Captain Natalia Artemis (Milla Jovovich), quickly learn how hopelessly outmatched they are against the natives of this strange land, which shrug off traditional bullets as little more than mosquito bites. Only by completing a crash course in monster hunting given by the mysterious Hunter (Tony Jaa) are Artemis and her team able to survive their inhospitable (and hopefully temporary) new battlefield.

Fans will be able to find out for themselves if the quest to reach Earth is successful very soon and to get you in the mood, Sony’s released a new clip this week, which you can check out up above.

While we fully expect the final product to unleash a menagerie of monsters from various entries in the series, pre-release promos have so far only confirmed two man-eating nightmares for Anderson’s film: the two-horned Diablos (perfect for goring) and Rathalos, the latter of which is seen in today’s footage. Able to bellow fire out of its gaping maw and equipped with lacerating barbs on its club-like tail, the brute wyvern is one of the most popular and recognizable beasts, though certainly not the strongest by any means.

Discover what other unspeakable horrors lurk in the shadows when Monster Hunter landsĀ in theaters next week, December 18th.