Watch: First Mortal Kombat Reboot Footage Teases A Frosty Fight

Mortal Kombat

In just a few more months, the Mortal Kombat reboot will arrive on the big screen and HBO Max, with fans crossing their fingers in the hope that it delivers the goods. Obviously, almost every video game adaptation is plagued with skepticism given how inconsistent the genre has been, but based on everything we’ve seen and heard so far, this particular project is shaping up to be extremely promising.

Warner Bros. has brought together an exciting cast of established talents and rising stars, while the R-rating ensures that we’ll be seeing tons of blood and gore as the movie looks to translate the signature Fatalities into live-action. The first official photos were released the other day, too, meaning that a trailer is probably on the way as well. But until then, we now have a small sliver of footage to feast on.

Seen in the player above at around the 0:02 second mark, it’s not very much at all. Still, it is indeed the first time we’ve been able to lay eyes on the film in video form and this no doubt signals that more is on the way.

As mentioned above, the signs are certainly promising for this latest stab at the classic fighting game franchise, and though it’s a bit too early to tell for sure if it’ll sink or swim with fans, the talent both in front of and behind the camera, along with the strong buzz surrounding it at the moment, does indeed have us optimistic about its chances of success.

Mortal Kombat is currently set to premiere on April 16th in theaters and HBO Max. The latter, though, will only be available to stream for one month, after which point it’ll be removed before it presumably returns around the time that the pic hits Blu-ray/DVD.