Watch: Netflix answers your call for more Stephen King horror with first trailer for ‘Mr. Harrigan’s Phone’


Horror fans are always calling for more Stephen King adaptations, and now Netflix has dutifully answered with the incoming Mr. Harrigan’s Phone, which starts streaming at the beginning of October as the perfect way to usher in spooky season. Catch your first look at the movie via this tantalizing first trailer (see above).

As based on the short story of the same name from King’s 2020 anthology If It Bleeds, Mr. Harrigan’s Phone stars Jaeden Martell (Metal Lords, Knives Out) as Craig, a lonely and bullied teen whose only real friend is the elderly reclusive billionaire he helps out. So when the eponymous Mr. Harrigan (The Hunger Games‘ very own Donald Sutherland) passes away, the grieving Craig continues to leave messages on the late man’s iPhone… and is astonished when he appears to be answering his wishes from beyond the grave.

Donald Sutherland in 'Mr. Harrington's Phone'
Image via Netflix

King completionists will be aware that Martell has history with adaptations of the author’s works, as he previously played Bill in the It movies. Surprisingly, despite his incredibly prolific career spanning a total of seven decades at this point, this is Sutherland’s very first King film. The leading duo are joined in the cast by the likes of Joe Tippett, Alex Bartner, and Kirby Howell-Baptiste, who recently made a big impact on Netflix viewers thanks to her turn as Death in The Sandman.

This isn’t the only Stephen King adaptation that’s on the way, with others on the docket including Paramount’s Pet Semetary sequel, Warner Bros.’s Salem’s Lot remake, and The Boogeyman from 20th Century Studios. As for Mr. Harrigan’s Phone, make sure not to hang up on it once it premieres on Netflix from Oct. 5.