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Watch: Netflix’s ‘Fistful of Vengeance’ trailer brings the action

The movie is a spinoff of the Netflix series 'Wu Assassins,' from some of the same creators of the first season of that show.

If you’re into martial arts, superpowered assassins, and global-level stakes, Fistful of Vengeance will be right up your ally. The new Netflix film is now getting its own trailer, promising breathtaking effects, lots of explosions, and hand-to-hand combat.

The movie is a spinoff of the Netflix series Wu Assassins, from some of the same creators of the first season of that show, like director Roel Reiné and writers Cameron Litvack, Jessica Chou, and Yalun Tu.

The film stars Iko Uwais as Kai Jin, Lewis Tan as Lu Xin Lee, Lawrence Kao as Tommy Wah, and JuJu Chan Szeto as Zan Hui, among many others.

The official Netflix synopsis reads, “A revenge mission becomes a fight to save the world from an ancient threat when superpowered assassin Kai tracks a killer to Bangkok.”

Ever since quietly releasing on Netflix in August 2019, the criminally underrated Wu Assassins has garnered something of a cult following on the streaming platform for its mix of martial arts fantasy and action.

In the show, we’ve seen protagonist Kai, a lowly chef-turned-mystical-powered Wu Assassin, fight against threats that have included an immortal billionaire, Triad leaders with superpowers, interdimensional fiends who manipulate the elements, and undercover police.

The film comes after rumors proved false that Wu Assassins would be getting a second season.

It’s unclear if there will be a Wu Assassins seasons two, as there’s been no announcement from Netflix about either its cancelation or renewal, but perhaps the film’s success — or lack thereof — will be a bellwether of the series’ fate.

Fistful of Vengeance comes to Netflix Feb. 17.

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