Watch: New ‘Doctor Strange 2’ promo promises a wild ride through reality

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is officially in theaters from today, and it’s all anyone in the movie world can talk about. On top of its anticipated big box office haul this weekend, the latest Marvel Studios blockbuster is receiving just as many positive notices as you would expect from the studio that’s made a business out of continually keeping both fans and critics happy.

And this new promo showcases what the reviews have been saying. As you can see via the video above, the latest TV spot highlights some of the most glowing soundbites about Sam Raimi’s movie, labeling it “visually stunning,” a “wild ride,” and “one of the best Marvel movies ever.” OK, so that last one is something that’s been said about pretty much every MCU film ever made (bar, say, Thor 2), but it’s probably true in this case. It’s certainly one of the biggest.

On the other hand, after initial reactions were as praiseworthy as can be, further reviews have proven Doctor Strange 2 to be decidedly more divisive than it at first seemed. Its Rotten Tomatoes score, for instance, has slipped below the ever-controversial Captain Marvel. It was always going to be tough to live up to the insane, cameo-filled masterpiece that fans had cooked up in their heads during the long wait for this one, though, so that’s not necessarily as damning as it sounds.

For one thing, everyone seems to be in agreement that it’s a delight to have Raimi back at the helm of a Marvel flick, especially as he goes full Evil Dead in the horror content, pushing the PG-13 certificate to the limit. The performances have also been routinely lauded, especially Elizabeth Olsen’s turn as Scarlet Witch.

If they haven’t already, fans can make their own minds up about Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness by catching it in theaters this weekend.