Watch: New Eternals Promo Namedrops Yet Another Avenger

Though it features an all-new lineup of heroes, the marketing for Eternals has definitely been keen to stress the movie’s connections to the wider MCU. The trailers have featured various references to the Avengers, from talk of “Captain Rogers” not leading the team anymore to Ikaris co-opting Steve’s catchphrase and saying “Eternals assemble!” This latest promo pulls the trick again, with Kit Harington’s Dane Whitman namechecking another of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.

While most of the footage showcased in this latest promo⏤which you can catch above⏤is familiar, it ends with what looks like a cozy moment between Gemma Chan’s Sersi and Harington’s Whitman, more commonly known as Black Knight in the comics. While we don’t know the context of this scene, it seems like Sersi has just revealed her powers to Dane for the first time.

“Are you a wizard?” he asks her. “Like Doctor Strange?” An amused Sersi corrects him, calling herself “super-normal.”

This is a notable reference, as it’s actually the first time a civilian has referenced Stephen Strange in the MCU. Unlike most of the Marvel heroes, the Sorcerer Supreme has generally operated under the radar so far, but it seems that his antics aiding the Avengers in Infinity War and Endgame likely made him a famous figure, too. So does he get crowds of fans gathered outside of 177A Bleecker Street now? Could we see the effects of his notoriety touched on in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness?

This promo is also important for reminding us of the love triangle that’s set to play out in Eternals. While Sersi has been romantically involved with Ikaris for the past 1000 years, it’s clear that she’ll spark a connection with Dane once they meet in the movie’s present. We don’t know if things will work out between Sersi and Dane, but we do know that Harington is likely to stick around as Whitman for more MCU projects after this.

Eternals hits theaters on Nov. 5.