Watch: New Free Guy TV Spot Hypes Ryan Reynolds’ Latest Blockbuster


We’ve been waiting so long for video game-inspired blockbuster Free Guy to arrive that it started life as a Fox production, before the company was gobbled up by the Disney empire. After that, the Ryan Reynolds star vehicle was kicked all around the release calendar due to the effects of the Coronavirus pandemic, but it’s finally settled on August 13th.

Looking at the big returns enjoyed by recent titles like Fast & Furious 9 and Black Widow, the box office is finally in the midst of a continued resurgence, which bodes well for a broad, high concept adventure with a proven star in the lead like Free Guy, even if it is coming to Disney Plus just 45 days after premiering in theaters.

As the marketing campaign enters the final stretch, a new TV spot has arrived to go over the plot in broad strokes. It’s a simple premise but one packed with endless possibilities, as Reynolds’ NPC Guy discovers that he doesn’t have to be stuck in the same loop over and over again, so he decides to venture out and explore the possibilities that come with being granted some level of autonomy within his home of the Free City video game.

Co-star Joe Keery described Free Guy as a cross between Back to the Future and The Truman Show, while Reynolds has promised no shortage of Easter Eggs and more than a little Mariah Carey. Having been scheduled for July and then December 2020, before being shunted to May of this year before finally settling on August 13th, it’s heartening to know that we’ll finally get the chance to see it for ourselves exactly one month from tomorrow.