Ryan Reynolds’ Next Movie To Hit Disney Plus 45 Days After Theaters

Ryan reynolds

Disney has been forced to shift several big hitters around the release calendar over the last year or so. For instance, after months of speculation, Black Widow was finally locked in for a hybrid debut on both Disney Plus and in theaters this July, while origin story Cruella was also given the same treatment and will be here at the end of May.

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, meanwhile, was pushed back to September, but it’s still receiving an exclusive theatrical premiere, and the same can be said for Ryan ReynoldsFree Guy, which was supposed to be with us in July 2020, but was kicked back to this coming August.

However, both of those movies will make their way to Disney Plus pretty soon after they hit cinemas, with Deadline reporting that they’ll show in theaters for 45 days before heading to the Mouse House’s streaming platform. Which is good news for those who may still not feel comfortable going into a packed cinema in the midst of a global pandemic, even if things are beginning to get better in some places around the world.

In any case, whether you choose to watch Free Guy and Shang-Chi on the big screen or the comfort from your own home, we certainly suggest making time for both. The first is a video game-inspired action comedy that looks to provide a ton of summer fun, while the latter is a highly anticipated blockbuster from the world’s most popular franchise.

Again, both films are worth your time and it’ll be interesting to see how they ultimately perform at the box office given the shortened theater to streaming window that’s now being implemented for their release.

Tell us, though, are you looking forward to Ryan Reynolds‘ next effort and/or the debut of the MCU’s newest hero? Let us know down below.