Watch: New ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ re-release promo hypes up its return to theaters


For many, Spider-Man: No Way Home remains the highlight of Marvel’s Phase Four. Not only did it wrap up Tom Holland’s (hopefully first) trilogy of Spidey movies with aplomb, seeing him grow into the webslinger of legend, but it also brought back both Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield for some multiversal mayhem magnificence. And, from the money-men’s point of view, it didn’t hurt that it earned a ton of cash worldwide, hence why it’s about to return to cinemas.

The No Way Home re-release is coming just next week, and this thrilling new promo (see above) previews what we can expect from it. Well, all right, we kind of already know exactly what to expect from it, seeing as everyone saw it the first time around. But to those of you who aren’t so sure it’s worth forking out for another ticket, be aware that the re-release — which bears the official title Spider-Man: No Way Home — The More Fun Stuff Version — is an extended cut featuring both elongated scenes and whole new material.

Specifically, the re-release will add in 11 minutes of extra footage, some of which is teased in this promo. One new clip sees Tom Holland’s Peter crawling up the wall of his school gym, clearly egged on by his now-adoring classmates. While fans would obviously mostly want more of Tobey and Andrew, having some more material of Peter at school could allow for a fascinating, deeper look at how his life changed once his secret got out and why he’s so desperate to reverse it.

As well as milking this cash cow for all its worth, the No Way Home re-release is also happening to celebrate this banner year for everyone’s favorite friendly neighborhood hero, as 2023 marks both the 20th anniversary of the Spider-Man movie franchise and the 60th anniversary of the character as a whole. So celebrate the webhead’s birthday in style by catching Spider-Man: No Way Home on the big screen once more from Sept. 2.