Watch: The Forever Purge Trailer Teases The End Of The Franchise

The Forever Purge

Based on the way things are going, you’ll probably be able to show somebody one of the Purge movies a couple of decades from now, tell them it’s a fly on the wall documentary and they might just believe you. Indeed, looking at what’s unfolded over the last twelve months, an annual 24-hour window where anything goes would only serve to scale back the insanity of the modern world.

Having been delayed for a year as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic, the first trailer for The Forever Purge has now arrived just over seven weeks from the movie’s theatrical debut, continuing the trend of this summer’s releases launching their marketing campaigns in earnest very late in the day.

The franchise has earned more than $446 million at the box office to date, but there’s extra pressure on The Forever Purge to succeed. Not only is it being touted as the last entry in the series, something former star Frank Grillo has already cast doubt on, but with a budget of almost $26 million, it’s been twice as expensive to produce as any other installment.

The plot follows two characters who end up on the run from a Mexican drug cartel in the middle of the Purge and seek refuge on a Texas ranch. However, they soon discover that their old and new pursuers alike have no intentions of calling it quits even after the curfew runs out, which should at least serve to freshen up the formula a little bit. As you’d expect, The Forever Purge is rated R for strong, bloody violence, language and gore, so let’s hope the brand goes out in a blaze of blood, guts and glory.