Watch: Roland Emmerich’s ‘Moonfall’ reveals opening five minutes


Roland Emmerich has attempted to broaden his cinematic horizons on a number of occasions, but box office takings for his work in other genres has made it clear that audiences would much rather see him continue to blow sh*t up on a grand scale above all else.

Historical actioner 10,000 BC, high concept shoot em’ up White House Down, revisionist thriller Anonymous, period-set drama Stonewall and World War II epic Midway all flopped, so the filmmaker is going back to basics with his next effort Moonfall, which comes to theaters in February.

Lionsgate have now released the first five minutes of the sci-fi blockbuster, and it looks to be a return to the big, dumb fun that made Emmerich a household name in the first place. The plot is suitably ridiculous, with a rogue team of scientists and conspiracy theorists discovering a massive conspiracy that revolves around the moon.

The cast is solid, the effects look suitably spectacular and it all seems very cheesy and completely aware of that fact, which should be enough to ensure that Moonfall finds a sizeable audience when it hits the big screen and proceeds to obliterate everything in its path in just a couple of months.