Watch: Ryan Reynolds Gives Away 5G In Hilarious New Video

Ryan reynolds

Ryan Reynolds is a busy man, and we’re not just talking about all of his Hollywood commitments.

Sure, he’s attached to at least 13 movies right now (yes, really) and continues to add more and more onto his slate at a rather alarming rate. But aside from just upcoming films, he’s also got several different businesses that he’s heavily involved in. One of which is Mint Mobile.

The phone company has been in the actor’s portfolio for a while now, with Reynolds purchasing an ownership stake it in back in November 2019, and ever since, he’s shown no shame in helping to promote it via various ads and promos which are always entertaining to watch. And that’s no different with Mint Mobile’s latest video, which you can check out below.

As you can see, this latest ad is all about 5G, which Reynolds hilariously says will be given away for free with every plan from now on. Even if the company’s Head of Technology, Rizwan Kassim, doesn’t seem too happy about it.

“It seems we may never know what 5G, so we’re just going to give it away for free with every plan until we can figure that out,” the actor states in the new promo.

Business shenanigans aside, the project that Ryan Reynolds fans are probably most interested in is Deadpool 3, which seems to be moving along at a snail’s pace right now. Which is surprising, really, given what a lucrative franchise it is. And with the actor’s schedule only getting increasingly busier, it’s difficult to see him being able to make the film at any point in the near future.

But even without the Merc with a Mouth, it looks like Ryan Reynolds has plenty to occupy himself with. Let’s just hope he doesn’t totally forget about Wade Wilson’s third solo outing with everything else he has on his plate at the moment.