Watch: Spine-Tingling First Trailer For The Black Phone Debuts


Missing child posters, a haunting muted-toned filter, and a terrifying storyline came together today to officially introduce fans to the upcoming horror film, The Black Phone. Starring Ethan Hawke, Mason Thames, Madeleine McGraw, James Ransone, and Jeremy Davies, the movie will bring out a primal fear in all of us. There ARE people lurking in the shadows and sometimes hiding in plain sight, and they’re not afraid to take what’s important to us.

The trailer sees a fumbling magician catche the attention of Thames’ character Finney Blake, and it’s soon revealed that he is Hawke’s character, The Grabber. The same one that Finney asked his sister not to name out loud just moments before. Of course, as he drops his tricks and gadgets, Finney is curious—he goes to see what’s going on, and The Grabber offers to show him a magic trick.

Fast forward, and that magic trick is anything but the awe-inspiring moment Finney was hoping to have. We see him struggling, locked in a room, and it’s soon discovered that the black phone on the wall doesn’t work—it hasn’t in years.

So why does it ring one evening, and who is talking to Finney through it?

The official premise for the movie is as follows:

As the trailer continues, viewers see the other victims of The Grabber helping Finney plan his escape, and it’s understood that they’ve likely lost their own fights with the serial killer. Still, each bit of knowledge that they share could piece together the final exit for Finney that works. The one that sets him free.

The Black Phone will hit theaters in February 2022.