Watch: Steve Rogers Rewrites History In Captain America 4 Fan Trailer

Captain America 4

Ever since the conclusion of Avengers: Endgame, when grandpa Cap passed the torch to Sam Wilson, fans everywhere have wondered if there’ll ever be a fourth Captain America film. And if one should ever arise, who would suit up as the titular hero? There are a few options to choose from, of course, but if Chris Evans one day decided to return, no one would object to that idea.

After all, some of the MCU’s best films are titles with Captain America in their name, and the directors from two of the biggest movies in the shared universe, the Russo brothers, got their start helming the Captain America sequels. Game-changing films like The Winter Soldier and Civil War are reasons the character resonated so well with fans and even though he helped stop Thanos, many people weren’t satisfied with how Rogers went out and firmly believe he deserves at least one last ride.

Now, another impressive fan-made trailer from YouTuber Billy Crammer showcases what happened when Steve went back in time in the final moments of Endgame. It appears that he didn’t just shack up with Peggy Carter and live the simple life. Instead, in Crammer’s vision of the MCU, Rogers ended up attempting to rewrite history by continuing his fight against the forces of evil.

Of course, such a movie is unlikely to come to fruition, but fans can at least look forward to Captain America returning to the MCU shortly. Only, it won’t be Steve Rogers. Instead, it’ll be Anthony Mackie’s Sam Wilson, who’ll show up in the Disney+ series The Falcon and the Winter Soldier – though he won’t be the only one looking to wield Cap’s shield.

Still, the journey of Steve Rogers started in a period film and it may fitting to end his saga there as well. This fan creation makes a strong case for taking Cap back in time for his next big screen adventure and whether it’s a blast from the past or something completely different, we don’t think anyone would object to a Captain America 4 with Evans back as Rogers.