Watch: The Suicide Squad Theatrical Trailer Features More King Shark

The Suicide Squad

At long last, the first trailer for James Gunn’s soft reboot The Suicide Squad touched down last week, and more or less delivered exactly what everyone wanted to see, which is certainly reassuring. The footage was foul-mouthed, violent and pretty weird at times, which is to be expected from a filmmaker like Gunn. And while there are surely going to be some who dismiss the pic as Guardians with an R-rating, that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Indeed, handing Gunn full creative freedom and not locking him down to a PG-13 seems to have worked out pretty well so far. And now, as the marketing machine begins to ramp up a bit ahead of the film’s summer release, a new trailer has dropped which is currently playing in theaters alongside Godzilla vs. Kong.

Seen up above, it does indeed feature a lot of familiar footage, but as Bloody Disgusting notes, it’s also got some more of King Shark, as well as a few other exciting bits. It’s certainly worth a watch and will only serve to heighten anticipation for the project.

One thing that all of the marketing so far has been keen to play up is the fact that not everyone will survive to the end credits, and while there were obviously several deaths in the original film as well, it seems that this time the team will really live up to their name. In fact, the movie’s tagline is “don’t get attached,” meaning that there may be some unexpected demises.

In any case, we’ll find out who lives and who dies when The Suicide Squad hits theaters and HBO Max later this year, on August 6th. Don’t miss it.