Michael vs. Jason

Watch: Terrifying Jason Vs. Michael Fan Trailer Pits Two Icons Against Each Other

Thanks to a Jason Vs. Michael fan trailer from Stryder HD, there's a new must-see matchup featuring two of cinema's most enduring super villains.

While we patiently wait for more news regarding the much rumoured Freddy Vs. Jason remake, there’s a lesser-known horror crossover making the rounds that may help scratch that very same machete-shaped itch.

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That’s right, courtesy of some savvy work from YouTuber Stryder HD, we have a new must-see matchup featuring two of cinema’s most enduring super villains. In the one corner, we have Friday The 13th‘s unstoppable killing machine, Jason Voorhees. And in the other, we have Halloween‘s cold and calculated, knife-toting killer, Michael Myers. Frankly, they’re both such incredibly iconic bad guys, their blood-drenched reputations assuredly precede them.

Specifically, this new cinematic crossover comes by way of Stryder HD’s latest fan trailer, Jason Vs. Michael, which pits two of the most fearsome horror icons against one another. Go ahead and check out the terrifying new trailer for yourself up above.

Surprisingly, in some ways, these two classic killers do have a lot in common with one another. Firstly, both have a penchant for murdering lots and lots of people. Secondly, both are the strong and silent type. And finally, both enjoy wearing masks in their spare time. Their actual narrative backgrounds, however, couldn’t be any different.

Michael Myers, for example, was born a murderous psychopath and stabbed his sister to death for no rhyme or reason when he was just six years old. Meanwhile, Jason Voorhees was a comparatively normal child born with hydrocephalus. Because of his condition, he was bullied for his abnormally large head and thanks to the neglectful camp counselors who were supposed to be keeping an eye on him, he drowned in Camp Crystal Lake. As a result, he soon returned from beyond his watery grave to seek vengeance upon them.

Obviously, these two nasty pasties would likely put on a helluva fight. But tell us, would you watch a Jason Vs. Michael horror movie? And who would your money be on? Grab your hockey and Captain Kirk masks, and let us know in the usual place down below.

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