Watch: ‘The Batman’ NBA All-Star trailer is full of explosions and brutality

Image via Warner Bros. / The Batman

The Batman has just dropped a promo spot in the NBA All-Star exhibition that shows off the Dark Knight ruthlessly taking on Gotham’s worst criminals.

The Caped Crusader makes a grand entrance in the newly released trailer, breaking up the celebrations for the All-Star 2022 in Cleveland to promote his next action-filled outing. Check it out below.

Going by this TV spot alone, it’s safe to say that Batman is going to crack a few ribs in the upcoming flick, driving home the shift that will paint Robert Pattinson’s version of the vigilante in a much darker shade than all his predecessors. If Christian Bale’s iteration was a symbol of heroism, Pattinson will bring down “vengeance” on a city riddled with corruption, as teased by the film’s first trailer back in 2020.

The wait for Matt Reeves’ reboot film has been long and hard, but The Batman is finally premiering in less than two weeks. DC Films has provided a whole slew of pics, clips, trailers, and other promotional content to hype fans for the return of the World’s Greatest Detective to the big screen, but these last remaining days will no doubt take us into the thick of it.

You can catch The Batman in theaters on March 4.