Watch: ‘The Batman’ TV spot reveals The Riddler’s face


A new promo clip for The Batman has finally given us a glimpse at The Riddler’s face, as portrayed by There Will Be Blood star Paul Dano.

Despite his menacing voice apparatus, Dano’s Riddler is surprisingly non-threatening in the video above, though the Dark Knight will be in for a rude awakening if he underestimates his adversary from outward appearances alone.

As the trailers have teased so far, this rebooted journey of the Caped Crusader on the big screen will challenge him in ways that we haven’t previously seen in live-action. That’s where the Riddler comes in with his admirable intellectual capacity to inflict mental pain, playing a game with Pattinson’s Bat that’ll have him question everything he knows about himself.

Casting Paul Dano as The Riddler struck some as a controversial, though Robert Pattinson himself wasn’t without detractors, but having seen more of The Batman and Matt Reeves’ peculiar vision in this promotional campaign, fans are feeling pretty confident that all the pieces of the puzzle have perfectly clicked together for this highly-anticipated outing.

Just like Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy, the main antagonist in The Batman will be accompanied by a host of other sinister villains, including Carmine Falcone (John Turturro), Penguin (Colin Farrell), and numerous other petty Gotham City criminals.

The Batman is gliding to theaters on March 4.

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