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Watch The Late, Great Stan Lee Talk About His Love For Comic Book Fans

A newly-released clip from Stan Lee's official Twitter account shows Marvel's main man talking about his love for the fans just prior to his death.

Stan Lee was a special, special individual, that much we know.

Widely credited as the founding father of Marvel Comics and big-name characters like Spider-Man, Black Widow, the Hulk and the Fantastic Four, Lee sadly passed away earlier this week. He was 95, and his death has prompted a tidal wave of remembrance posts and heartfelt tributes to Marvel’s main man.

The latest comes in the form of a newly-released clip from Stan Lee’s official Twitter account, in which the late, great industry titan recounts his unconditional love for the fans. It’s a remarkable, emotional clip, and one that’s made all the more incredible by its sheer spontaneity, given Lee was merely carrying out his interview prep at the time of recording.

Via Twitter:

Even at the impressive age of 95, Stan Lee remained every bit as devoted to his legions of followers, and it’s a testimony to the writer’s creations that even today, more than 50 years after the formation of Marvel, characters like Spider-Man and the Hulk are as popular as ever, given they’re arguably two fundamental pillars of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Whether that’s still the case in two or three years’ time remains to be seen, as we have a sneaking suspicion that the MCU is about to undergo a major sea change in anticipation of Phase 4. Nevertheless, Lee’s legacy will endure and, at this rate, may well outlive us all.

For those pining for another Stan Lee cameo, Disney sequel Ralph Breaks the Internet is almost upon us, though we expect a more fitting, Marvel-themed tribute to be included in the as-yet-untitled Avengers 4 when it arrives next summer. Keep your peepers peeled, and remember, Excelsior!

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