Watch: Things get weird in new ‘Don’t Worry Darling’ trailer


This year has been a fantastic one for the film industry, with the likes of Everything Everywhere All At Once, Top Gun: Maverick, the upcoming Nope among countless others gracing cinemas this summer, meaning 2022 will surely be a year to remember.

And the high-flying state of the industry is set to keep on rolling into the fall season, spearheaded by Olivia Wilde’s upcoming psychological thriller Don’t Worry Darling, the mysterious premise of which managed to find a chokehold on moviegoers everywhere with its first trailer. And now that we’re just a couple of months away from its release date, the second promo has made an appearance online.

The first spot certainly leaned into the thriller elements, but the sophomore trailer for Don’t Worry Darling is amping up its fear factor tenfold. Boasting a haunting soundtrack, a heavy-handed tease of isolation themes, and some surprisingly nightmarish shots, the latest look at the anticipated title pulls absolutely no punches, yet keeps us in the dark about the ins and outs; an admittedly tantalizing position to be in.

Florence Pugh stars as Alice Chambers, a 1950s housewife living in Victory, a picturesque town that’s created and managed by a mysterious company which her husband, Jack (Harry Styles), is employed at. Growing more and more curious at the nature of Jack’s job and the mystery surrounding the town, Alice begins to investigate, soon realizing that her perfect life may mask something significantly more sinister.

Also appearing alongside Pugh and Styles are Gemma Chan, KiKi Layne, Nick Kroll, Chris Pine, and director Olivia Wilde.

Don’t Worry Darling releases to theaters on September 23.