Watch: Thor Tries To Kiss Valkyrie In New Avengers: Endgame Deleted Scene


Those who’ve picked up the Infinity Saga box set – which probably isn’t many people, given its extremely high price tag – have been discovering a ton of previously unseen content that spans all the many movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And amongst this array of bonus material is a deleted scene from Avengers: Endgame that teases – and then quickly denies us of – a romantic relationship between Thor and Valkyrie.

As you may remember, the pair’s final scene together in last year’s mega blockbuster had the God of Thunder name Valkyrie as his successor for the throne of Asgard. But what we didn’t get to witness was some deleted footage of Thor trying to kiss the heroic warrior, only for her to reject him. Awkward.

Thanks to the Infinity Saga box set, though, this scene is now out in the wild and though it took a while to make its way online, a Twitter user recently uploaded it for all to see.

So, not a terribly significant moment then and it’s not like it would’ve added a ton to the plot, but it’s a funny little bit and we’re not sure why it was cut. Clearly, though, the Russo brothers had their reasons and we’re just glad that we finally get to see it now.

And if this deleted Avengers: Endgame scene has you itching for more of the fun dynamic between Thor and Valkyrie – and we imagine it does – know that the two will be seen again in Thor: Love and Thunder, which will be with us on November 5th, 2021. Let’s just hope the God of Thunder doesn’t try to make the same mistake twice and go in for the kiss again.