Watch: Titans Clash In Epic Godzilla Vs. Kong Fan Trailer


Adam Wingard’s Godzilla vs. Kong is penciled in to debut simultaneously in theaters and on HBO Max in just over four months, but we still haven’t seen a single shred of decent footage from the latest installment in the MonsterVerse. Most people pegged Warner Bros.’ six-hour panel at last month’s virtual CCXP convention as the most likely place for the first trailer to debut, but it never happened and fans weren’t happy about it. Thankfully, then, we’ve now got the video up above to tide us over while we wait.

Of course, the very premise of Godzilla vs. Kong almost demands that audiences to check it out on the biggest screen possible, because watching two of cinema’s most famous monsters duking it out in a big budget Hollywood production for the first time isn’t going to play the same at home, no matter how good your setup is. However, Legendary have become embroiled in a dispute with Warner Bros. over the movie’s fate.

The production company were initially trying to recoup their investment on the rumored $165 million budget by selling the distribution rights to Netflix for a quarter of a billion dollars. Warner Bros. then stepped in to block the move, only to announce shortly after that they were sending Godzilla vs. Kong to their own streaming service instead, which has reportedly got the Legendary hierarchy threatening legal action, presumably because WarnerMedia have no intention of matching Netflix’s offer.

There’s still a chance that Godzilla vs. Kong might not arrive on schedule if these behind the scenes issues don’t work themselves out, but surely a trailer isn’t too far away, right? Even after a series of extensive reshoots, the production still called it a day back in April 2019, but until the studio gives us something to feast our eyes on, we’ll have to make do with impressive fan-made promos instead, like the one above.