Watch: Vin Diesel Reveals First Look At Fast & Furious 9 Director’s Cut

Fast and Furious 9

We were all laughing when the Vin Diesel memes began sweeping the internet in the wake of Fast & Furious 9‘s long-awaited theatrical release, but it’s true that the power of family should never be underestimated.

After all, the latest outing for Dominic Toretto and his tight-knit crew recently passed $700 million at the global box office, becoming the first Hollywood blockbuster since the end of 2019, and just the second film in total after Chinese monster hit Hi, Mom to accomplish the feat.

Justin Lin’s return to the series saw the characters gain a new level of self-awareness, which was just in time when F9 sent Roman and Tej into outer space in a Pontiac Fiero, where they somehow managed to crash a rocket-powered car into a satellite to destroy it without their vehicle sustaining any damage.

At 143 minutes long, the latest chapter in The Fast Saga does tend to drag on occasion, but that hasn’t stopped Vin Diesel from promoting an even lengthier version of the movie. The high-octane globetrotting epic is coming to home video on September 21st, and Diesel has taken the opportunity to remind you that it’s coming attached with a Director’s Cut, as you can see below.

The Director’s Cut of Fast & Furious 9 is only seven minutes longer, but it’ll feature an extended flashback that adds more depth to the Toretto sibling rivalry between Dom and John Cena’s Jakob, a brand new flashback that was omitted from the theatrical version, and even more of Cardi B, who you’d be forgiven for forgetting was in the movie at all.