Watch: The World Needs Kong In Awesome New Godzilla vs. Kong Promo

Godzilla vs. Kong

The most anticipated film of the first few months of 2021 has to be Godzilla vs. Kong. Unusually for these times, when we’re used to movies being pushed back, GvK was actually brought forward by a couple of months from its May release date to March 31st, when it’ll drop simultaneously in cinemas and on streaming, and fans can’t wait.

With the pic quickly approaching now, another promo has arrived and it further hypes us up for the clash of the titular Titans. The ins and outs of the legendary creatures’ battle are still being kept under wraps – we don’t know what exactly sets them against each other or even how many times they’ll fight – but this trailer keeps the focus on Kong and his importance to the movie. With Godzilla once again on the rampage, the giant ape is the world’s only hope. Like Alexander Skarsgard’s Nathan Lind – our new human hero – says to Rebecca Hall’s Ilene Andrews: “We need Kong.”

Returning from Godzilla: King of Monsters is Millie Bobby Brown, with Kyle Chandler and Zhang Ziyi also putting in appearances. New additions to the universe, meanwhile, include Brian Tyree Henry, Eiza Gonzales, Shun Oguri and Jessica Henwick. The Guest‘s Adam Wingard directs and with a budget of upwards of $200 million, WB will be hoping that the excitement surrounding the film drives up HBO Max subscriptions like crazy.

The first trailer broke records in its initial 24 hours to become the highest-viewed teaser for a Warner Bros. movie ever, with it also standing as the fourth most-liked preview on all of YouTube. So, it’s certainly looking like we’re in for something special when Godzilla vs. Kong smashes onto screens, both big and small, next month. Don’t miss it.