Godzilla Vs. Kong Director Thanks Fans For The Trailer’s Record-Breaking Success

Godzilla vs. Kong

The MonsterVerse has tended to give relatively inexperienced directors the opportunity to make the jump to big budget blockbusters and tackle an epic monster mash, but compared to his predecessors, Godzilla vs. Kong‘s Adam Wingard is a veteran. Gareth Edwards, Jordan Vogt-Roberts and Michael Dougherty each had one low budget film under their belts before helming Godzilla, Kong: Skull Island and King of the Monsters respectively, but the epic clash of the Titans will mark Wingard’s tenth feature.

Admittedly, Godzilla vs. Kong is three times more expensive than his previous nine efforts combined and presents an altogether different challenge for a talent who cut his teeth in the realms of low budget horror, but let’s hope he’s up to the task as he ventures into completely uncharted territory career-wise.

The long-awaited first trailer smashed records for Warner Bros., outpacing even The Batman to rack up more views in its first 24 hours than any of the studio’s movies across their affiliated YouTube channels, and Wingard has now hopped onto social media and thanked the fans for their support, as you can see below.


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We’re just a little over eight weeks away from Godzilla vs. Kong stomping onto the big screen and HBO Max on March 31st, and it would be an understatement that it’s been a rocky road for the kaiju blockbuster to make it even this far after constant behind the scenes troubles and release date shuffles. The entire future of the MonsterVerse could hinge on the project’s performance, but based on the sheer level of scale and spectacle on display in the footage, the showdown is set to deliver in the biggest way possible when it finally arrives.