Watch: Zack Snyder Shares New Justice League Clip, Reveals Trailer Date

Justice League Batman

Last year at this time, even the most optimistic of Justice League fans wouldn’t have been able to guess that when the Snyder Cut finally touches down, it’ll run for at least four hours. If nothing else, that just goes to show you how heavily the theatrical edition was reworked after Zack departed the project.

Of course, Snyder’s already admitted that he’s only shot four or five minutes of fresh footage, but he’s still managed to piece together a a new cut of the DCEU blockbuster that’s double the length of the previous version, and he won’t be using a single frame filmed by Whedon.

Not only that, but Zack Snyder’s Justice League is also going to be an R-rated effort, with Ben Affleck’s Batman set to hold the honor of becoming the first live-action Caped Crusader to deliver an F-bomb. And we’ll finally get another look at the pic next week. Or at least, so says Snyder, who revealed the date for the upcoming trailer in the tweet below along with a fresh clip.

As you can see, the footage we have here sees Victor Stone AKA Cyborg pre-transformation, diving across a pylon and scoring a touchdown. It’s not much, but it’s certainly appropriate given that the Super Bowl is now underway and is sure to get folks hyped for next week’s full trailer.

What we’ll see in the upcoming preview is unknown, but with any luck, maybe we’ll catch a glimpse of Jared Leto’s Joker. No matter what it is that Snyder has planned for us, though, you can be sure that it’ll only raise the anticipation that much for more his cut of Justice League, which hits HBO Max on March 18th.