WB Wants Keanu Reeves To Play Deathstroke In The DCEU


Deathstroke made his cinematic debut in the post-credits scene of Justice Leaguewith Joe Manganiello playing the Terminator. Initially, he was due to be the main antagonist of The Batman before Gareth Evans started developing a solo movie for the character. Neither of these projects are due to happen anymore, however, and we’ve heard that Manganiello isn’t expected to return as Slade Wilson.

We Got This Covered has been informed by our source though that the studio still has plans for Deathstroke in the DCEU. It’s possible that Idris Elba could (emphasis on the could) be portraying him in James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad, as has been reported before, but if that doesn’t happen, then Warner Bros. may have already made up their minds on who their top choice is.

Keanu Reeves is apparently who WB’s interested in when it comes to filling the role. We’ve previously reported that a live-action Teen Titans movie is in development and this is where Deathstroke will likely show up next in the DCEU, as per his status as the team’s greatest foe in the comics. Seeing as fan art has already dressed him up as Wilson, we’re pretty sure folks would get behind the idea of Reeves playing the villain in the film. Especially as the John Wick star is the internet’s favorite human being nowadays.

Mostly, fans have been imagining him on board the MCU – for characters as diverse as Wolverine, Ghost Rider and Adam Warlock – but another role in the DC universe could be an even better fit. After all, Reeves did say he was open to returning to DC for a Constantine sequel recently. Then again, he’s reportedly involved with The Eternalspossibly as its villain, so who even knows if he’d have time to tackle Deathstroke, too.