WB Reportedly Wants The MCU’s Three Chrises In The DCEU


The problem with a lot of attempted cinematic universes is that they simply try to recreate the successful formula that worked so well for Marvel Studios, instead of trying to put their own unique spin on building a shared franchise. The Dark Universe failed spectacularly after trying to reinvent classic movie monsters as the stars of big budget blockbusters, while the early years of the DCEU were hampered by the need to expand the mythology at a rapid rate, which directly affected the quality of Batman V Superman and Justice League.

That being said, the quality of the DCEU has taken an upswing following the Zack Snyder era, and even though Birds of Prey bombed at the box office, it still earned much stronger reviews than any of the 300 filmmaker’s entries in the comic book series. However, we’ve heard this week that DC and Warner Bros. are keen to emulate Marvel Studios once again, and are actively attempting to sign up the Holy Trinity of Chrises to headline several of their upcoming projects.

According to our sources – the same ones who said that the entire Transformers franchise is being rebooted, and also that we’ll see cameos from the Mask and Pennywise in Space Jam 2, both of which are now confirmed – the studio are keen to have Chris Evans, Chris Pratt and Chris Hemsworth as part of their upcoming slate. And while nothing is set in stone just yet, they do already have roles in mind for each actor.

Pratt is reportedly wanted to play Booster Gold after Ryan Reynolds allegedly passed on the part, Hemsworth is being eyed for Ted Kord, the second incarnation of the Blue Beetle, and Evans is apparently on the wish-list for the Green Lantern reboot as Kyle Rayner. Of course, Hemsworth was originally linked to Green Lantern Alan Scott, as we’ve previously revealed, but we’re told that the studio is now going in a different direction with the character and so they want him for Kord instead.

While there’s no rule in Hollywood that you’re obligated to star in at least two big comic book franchises if your name is Chris, that seems to be an avenue that DC and Warner Bros. are exploring regardless. And again, while nothing is confirmed just yet, and only Evans is currently free from his Marvel commitments, we imagine that it’s likely that the DCEU will be able to get its hands on at least one of the Chrises at some point in the future. Watch this space for more.