WB Reportedly Thinks Robert Pattinson’s Batman Will Be More Popular Than Batfleck

Batman v Superman

As we wait for The Batman to reach us, recent rumors have got DC fans worried as they pointed to Warner Bros. having issues with Matt Reeves’ movie, which will mark the debut of Robert Pattinson in the cape and cowl. It’s been said that the studio might delay it even further into next year so they can “correct” it and this indicated that we may have another dreaded Justice League-type situation on our hands.

A new report has since come out, though, which refutes these claims. Mikey Sutton of Geekosity has revealed that his own insider sources have told him the exact opposite. In fact, according to Sutton, WB loves what Pattinson has done with the part and they have very high hopes for when the world finally gets to see him in action. Execs apparently feel that the Brit’s performance “rivals Michael Keaton’s” iconic portrayal of the Caped Crusader.

What’s more, Geekosity’s source notes that WB is confident he’ll be much more successful with audiences than his immediate predecessor in the role. “They feel Pattinson will be more popular than Ben Affleck as Batman,” says the outlet. As for what Reeves has brought to the table, the studio is said to believe The Batman is comparable to Christopher Nolan’s legendary Dark Knight trilogy due to “its intensity and adult nature.”

This is definitely a lot more encouraging to hear than those alternate rumors. It’s been clear all along that WB was hoping for Robert Pattinson to be a new iconic Batman on par with Keaton and Christian Bale and for Reeves to deliver a film as good as Nolan’s. And if they’ve actually managed to pull that off, then we can rest assured that we’re in for a treat when The Batman finally swoops into cinemas next March. Though of course, Ben Affleck fans will no doubt continue to be loyal to the DCEU’s first Bruce Wayne.