WB Reportedly Unhappy With The Batman, May Delay It Again

The Batman

The dilemma of dealing with fans who are heavily invested in an iconic comic book character is one that many a Hollywood talent has had to face. It doesn’t come as much of a surprise, then, that The Batman star Robert Pattinson, who’s been tasked with bringing the titular hero to life in Matt Reeves’ origin film, is seeing a lot of backlash coming his way these days.

That being said, the decision to have the Twilight actor tackle a role such as this one was always going to be controversial. Sure, he’s a tremendously talented individual and since playing edgy vampire Edward Cullen has offered up some terrific turns in a host of indie films, but for many, he just isn’t Batman.

Of course, not helping matters is the rumor mill throwing out stories of behind the scenes troubles, with several reports highlighting clashes between Pattinson and Reeves. The latest troubling tale comes from reputable Reddit leaker SpideyForever245, who previously brought us accurate intel like Julia Louis-Dreyfus showing up in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier before it happened.

According to the insider, The Batman is said to be “amazing,” but Warner Bros. doesn’t see it that way and are unhappy with the finished product. It’s unclear what they don’t like about it, but the Redditor says that they’re now thinking of delaying it yet again.

Obviously, we should take this with a grain of salt given that it comes from Reddit – even if the user does have a proven track record – but it’s not the first time we’ve heard about the studio not being pleased with what Reeves has put together and as mentioned above, tales of behind the scenes clashes between the various creative parties have been circulating for some time now.

Still, there’s no reason to worry just yet, as that first trailer shown last summer did indeed look promising and with any luck, we’ll get another glimpse at The Batman sooner rather than later. Watch this space.