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‘We are going to see them on the big screen!’: the ‘Warrior Nun’ fanbase is losing it over the supersized revival

The Halo Bearers won't just be eating; they'll be FEASTING.

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There’s no question that, as far as the world of entertainment goes, the Warrior Nun faithful have won 2023. After Netflix gave the boot to the beloved young adult fantasy series after two seasons, the Halo Bearers’ rallying cries could be heard from the heavens, and news of the resulting revival caused countless tears of joy to be shed.

But even the fans’ unprecedented success in rescuing their show couldn’t prepare them for the absolute monster of an announcement that Warrior Nun EP Dean English unleashed upon the world earlier today; indeed, we’re not sure what sounds must have escaped fans’ mouths after catching wind of Warrior Nun‘s gargantuan new campaign:

The Netflix cancelation turned out to be the greatest thing to ever happen to Warrior Nun, with the show officially set to make its return as a trilogy of feature films that, according to English, could quite possibly be the groundwork for a Warrior Nun cinematic universe. Needless to say, the fanbase is doing more than its fair share of backflips at the moment.

What’s more, a Warrior Nun theatrical run (try saying that three times fast) is not only the perfect way to expand the fandom, but to also fulfill some of the wildest cinematic dreams out there.

Suffice it to say; Netflix can keep their Emily in Paris‘, their Big Mouth‘s, and their endless string of dull action thrillers, because Warrior Nun has officially proven to be far above what the streamer was offering it, and now the fans are set to have the last laugh over a bucket of egregiously-priced popcorn.

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