The Wire’s Wendell Pierce Will Play B.B. King In Upcoming Film

Here’s some great news for fans one of HBO’s finest shows, The Wire. Wendell Pierce, who played the much loved Detective Bunk Moreland on the show, is going to be playing B.B. King in an upcoming film. Pierce is currently enjoying the spotlight on HBO’s Treme, and he’ll also find himself in Horrible Bosses and The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Pt. 1 before the year is up.

His next role though will be as legendary artist B.B. King. The actor tweeted the news earlier today, stating that he will be playing King in a film called B. B. King And IVariety tells us that Michael Schroeder will be behind the camera and Patrick Fugit is set to co-star. The film is eyeing a September start date.

The Wire is still to this day one of the finest television shows I’ve ever seen, and Pierce’s Bunk Moreland is definitely a fan favourite. It’s great to see him getting some more recognition. Hopefully the film will give him a chance to showcase his talent in a role that I think he is well suited for.

Check out the plot synopsis below.

B.B. King and I is the unique true story of two individuals: B.B. King, the legendary guitarist and King of the Blues, and Michael Zanetis, a bold young entrepreneur. This film is the story of how their lives became intertwined and the significant impact they had on each other. It is the story of their struggle in an America that provided opportunity for both men and where truly any goal can be achieved and anything is possible. It is the story of B.B. King, born in Mississippi into a harsh and segregated “Jim Crow South,” who rose from picking cotton in the most extremes of poverty, to perform for royalty and be recognized as a “King” worldwide. It is also the story of a small town boy raised in the farmlands of Indiana, Michael Zanetis, the grandson of Greek immigrants who, through hard work and determination, achieved his dreams of excellence by performing and recording with some of the world’s greatest musicians. This story depicts the dynamic lives of these two men and their extraordinary friendship.

From an early age, Michael Zanetis was banging on the drums. With the help of a mentor from the most unlikely of sources-Sister Mary Sarah, a Nun at the Catholic school he attended (who could rock n’ roll on the piano like Billy Preston)-Michael found his niche early in life behind a set of drums. Then one day the needle hit the scratchy vinyl and his life was forever changed as he was introduced to the music of B.B. King. After hearing “The Thrill Is Gone,” Michael knew exactly what he had to do. Risking it all, he packed his drum set in his van and drove to California with his girlfriend Denice, and their aptly named dog, Hollywood. Partnering with his father, and his uncle, a well-known record producer from Nashville, he assembled a band made up of some of the world’s greatest session musicians. The Michael Zanetis Band recorded jam sessions that were soon being played on major LA radio stations. Life seemed unbelievably good and then suddenly and unexpectedly Michael lost his compass, his greatest supporter, and his best friend-his father. Not long after, Michael finally got to attend a B.B. King concert. He was awestruck as he watched BB’s live performance of “The Thrill Is Gone.” After the show, Michael asked a young man selling T-shirts if he would give his album to BB. Much to his surprise, he was escorted backstage and into the presence of the man who from then on would become a mentor, an inspiration and his true friend.

Over the years, these two lives dramatically intersect. From their two weeks together during BB’s performances at the Las Vegas Hilton, to him performing at the grand opening of Michael’s legendary Supper Club in Southern California, and Michael’s remarkable promise, on the night BB’s father died, to get BB a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, there were many poignant moments. Eventually, after seven long years of persistence, Michael got the call that his efforts had finally succeeded-and BB got his Star. And then, on the night before the Star was awarded, Michael had a lifelong dream come true. His friend and mentor, the King of the Blues, invited Michael to join him on stage at a concert to accompany him on the drums. With sticks in hand, Michael’s eyes met B.B. King’s on stage and astonishingly they began making music together!

B.B. King and I is the true story of love, friendship and reaching for the stars that will entertain and inspire!