What If…? Writer Confirms The Best Chris Debate Happened At Marvel Studios

chris evans chris pratt

Everybody has their own opinion on who the best Chris in Hollywood is, but based on the continued backlash that greets almost every move he makes in both his personal and professional life, a lot of people seem to be in agreement that Pratt is currently bottom of the pile.

Whether you prefer the handsome, bearded and buff Hemsworth, the handsome, bearded and buff Evans or the handsome, bearded and buff Pine, it’s a debate that’s raged among the online community for years. As it turns out, the creative minds behind some of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s biggest projects have held the exact same discussion.

What If…? creator and lead writer A.C. Bradley confirmed on social media that not only did the discourse reach the MCU’s inner sanctum, but there were even visual aids to help name a victor, although their identity was not publicly disclosed.

There’s plenty of Chris to go around for everyone, but spare a thought for everyone else with that forename in Hollywood who gets left by the wayside when the conversation rears its head. No love for Rock? Cooper? Klein? Messina? O’Donnell? O’Dowd? Tucker? Apparently not, when it’s always been viewed as a four-way fight to the death in the battle for public affection between Evans, Hemsworth, Pratt and Pine.