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When is ‘The Nun 2’ coming out on streaming?

Will demon Valak jump-scare her way to streaming in time for Halloween?

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The Nun II has screamed its way into cinemas with yet another serving of supernatural antics in the latest The Conjuring universe-expansion. Released on Sept. 8, the sequel to 2018’s The Nun sees Taissa Farmiga reprise her role as Sister Irene, who is this time enlisted to investigate a series of murders across Europe after her experience with the much-mythologized demon, Valak.

Alongside Farmiga, The Nun II stars fellow returning castmates Jonas Bloquet and Bonnie Aarons, as well as fresh faces Storm Reid and Anna Popplewell. The sequel was directed by Michael Chaves, who elsewhere helmed The Conjuring instalments The Curse of La Llorona and The Devil Made Me Do It.

Image via Warner Bros.

The Nun II was met with mixed reviews upon its premiere earlier this month, but it did debut in first place at the domestic box office, with a $32.6 million haul for its opening weekend. As Valak continues her spine-tingling frights across cinemas, when exactly can audiences expect the world’s worst nun to jump-scare her way to streaming services?

When is The Nun 2 coming out on streaming?

With the spooky season hotly approaching, we have a few clues as to when The Nun II will be available to stream. Given it is a Warner Bros. production, The Nun II will likely be available on Max. While an official streaming release date has yet to be announced, we can look to previous releases on the studio’s calendar to get a rough time window.

Going off Warner Bros.’ previous horror film release window with Evil Dead Rise, we can expect The Nun II to arrive on Max within the next two months. Evil Dead Rise was available on Max on Aug. 25, some 63 days after it premiered in cinemas on June 23.

Based on this model, we can assume a similar cinema-to-streaming window for The Nun II, which means the film will be ready to stream on Max sometime in early November, 2023. If the film continues its successful box office performance, the streaming release could be pushed back by up to ten days, making it available on Max in late-November.

Image via Warner Bros.

However, there is also the possibility that Max may fast-track The Nun II’s streaming release to align with the Halloween season. While this is unlikely given the film’s strong theatrical performance (and the dearth of competing titles amid the Hollywood strikes), this Halloween window could see The Nun II arrive on Max sometime in late-October.

In any case, fans can currently stream every other film entry in the Conjuring universe on Max. In the meantime, however, they will have to wait to see another member of the Farmiga family terrorized by a demon in nun’s clothing in The Nun II.

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