When Will Sony’s Morbius Be Coming To Netflix?


Sony just shared the latest trailer for Morbius, the next installment in their MCU-adjacent cinematic universe, this Tuesday morning – and it’s successfully raised the hype for what was previously one of the more overlooked superhero movies coming out in 2022. That’s likely because the studio has been forced to delay the Jared Leto vehicle a number of times over the past two years due to the pandemic. But it’s now nestled into a release date of next January.

It’s a little soon to start thinking about its streaming debut, then, but let’s ask the question anyway: when will Morbius become available on Netflix? Earlier this year, Sony inked a new exclusive deal with Netflix that means the platform will be the exclusive streaming destination for the studio’s movies in the US. Due to its arrival early next year, Morbius is actually the first Sony title to be affected by this deal. So we know it’ll eventually end up on Netflix, but when?

At this point, we can only make an educated guess based on how long it took for Sony’s films to debut on Starz, the previous platform to have a partnership with the studio. As pointed out by What’s On Netflix, the length of time varied. January 2020’s Bad Boys for Life was added to Starz 201 days after its cinematic release, while Bloodshot took a much shorter 150 days and Charlie’s Angels made its Starz debut a whole 223 days later.

So we can infer that Morbius will land on Netflix anytime between June 2021 and early September 2021. Netflix will then keep hold of the film for 18 months until it gets shifted over to a Disney-owned platform. Given the darker edge of the horror-flavored film, Hulu seems like the most natural home for it in this case.

So there you go. Morbius might be a ways from premiering on Netflix, but at least it’s only a couple of months from hitting theaters on January 28, 2022. You know, assuming it doesn’t get delayed again.