‘Morbius’ director reveals he was let in on a huge MCU secret


Even though Morbius hasn’t even been released yet, fans are already asking serious questions about how any why the upcoming blockbuster connects to both the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and the adjacent Sony’s Spider-Man Universe.

Sure, the post-credits scenes of Venom: Let There Be Carnage and Spider-Man: No Way Home directly connected the two, but Tom Hardy’s Eddie Brock was almost immediately transported back to his own reality. And yet, Michael Keaton’s Vulture has made the opposite trip, with director Daniel Espinosa vaguely explaining the machinations when he decided to unleash major spoilers on the internet.

Even though Marvel Studios don’t have any direct involvement in Morbius at all, Espinosa nonetheless revealed to Digital Spy that he was let in on a massive secret regarding the culmination of the Infinity Saga, which he was forced to keep to himself.

“When we started [filming], Avengers: Endgame hadn’t been released either. There were tons of small secrets. I remember when somebody whispered to me that Tony Stark was going to die. Those were secrets that I had to hold very close.”

Jared Leto may not have been told the spoilerific secret, having recently named Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man as someone he’d love to see Morbius face off against, but based on the overwhelmingly apathetic buzz, we’re not even entirely sure at this stage if the Living Vampire will even get a solo sequel.

At least Espinosa did a much better job keeping secrets for Endgame than he did his own superhero movie, with fans already roasting Sony for giving Morbius away so far ahead of time.

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