Marvel fans roast Sony for freely giving away ‘Morbius’ spoilers


During the buildup to Spider-Man: No Way Home, one recurring theory to make the rounds on social media posited that Sony were partly responsible for the deluge of leaks that turned out to be right on the money when the movie finally came to theaters, and the studio’s latest Morbius promotional tactic has lent it even more weight.

Kevin Feige’s Marvel Cinematic Universe is famed for secrecy, to the extent that new additions to the roster are trained on how to avoid spoilers when dealing with the media, but Sony’s Spider-Man Universe evidently doesn’t have any such restrictions in place.

Morbius director Daniel Espinosa held a Twitter Q&A last night with CinemaBlend, and as you can see below, fans are roasting the studio after the filmmaker went ahead and spilled the beans on the two post-credits scenes, the Sinister Six, the incoming arrival of Spider-Man, and much more.

Perhaps the boardroom have become aware that Morbius isn’t being showered in adulation in the wake of the first reactions landing online, and dropping teases that connect directly to the exponentially more popular MCU a week ahead of the supernatural superhero story’s theatrical debut could be a means to entice curious audiences.

It’s certainly a unique method of promoting a Marvel adaptation, but there’s no guarantees that revealing so many Morbius tidbits is going to convince the skeptics that Jared Leto’s second stab at playing a pale-faced comic book character is worth the price of admission, especially when nobody seems all that enthused about the film at all.