Secret Invasion Star Says Marvel Trains Actors On How To Avoid Spoilers

Nick Fury

It was only recently that Kevin Smith gave some insight into what he called Marvel’s ‘secret police’, who deliberately leave misleading information lying around to see if anybody will leak it online, which immediately identifies the culprit. That’s dedication to maintaining the air of mystery that surrounds all of the company’s film and television projects, but a Secret Invasion star has now revealed that the onscreen talent receives training on how to avoid spoilers.

Presumably, Tom Holland and Mark Ruffalo missed those classes at first when the duo have become infamous for accidentally letting things slip that they shouldn’t, but they’ve managed to turn it around. Especially Holland, who continues to maintain that he’s the only Spider-Man in No Way Home, despite mounting evidence to the contrary.

During an appearance on the red carpet at the GQ Men of the Year awards, Marvel Cinematic Universe newcomer Kingsley Ben-Adir was inevitably asked about Secret Invasion, where he admitted that he’s been trained in the ways of saying nothing.

“We’re figuring it out at the moment. They’ve been training us not to talk for like six months. As soon as you asked that, I’ve just got in my head this Marvel robot saying, ‘Don’t talk, don’t say anything, say nothing, lie’. So I don’t know.”

Kevin Feige should probably lead the in-house spoiler avoidance workshop, seeing as he’s become an expert in giving lengthy answers that don’t actually reveal anything at all. Secret Invasion is currently in front of cameras in the United Kingdom, so it could be a while until any of the cast members are able to open their mouths in an official capacity.