Fans Think Sony Are Behind The Spider-Man: No Way Home Leaks

Kevin Feige runs a very tight ship over at Marvel Studios, but the producer’s latest creative collaboration with Sony on Spider-Man: No Way Home has seen massive holes blown in the hull by a series of potentially major leaks ruining many of the movie’s biggest surprises over a month ahead of release.

The internet is already having a field day imagining Feige’s exasperation towards Sony failing to keep a lid on anything related to the upcoming comic book blockbuster, something that almost never happens when he’s flying solo as the architect and main driving force behind the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

As fans continue to wait for the mythical second full-length trailer, some folks on social media are suggesting that Sony are the ones responsible, based on rumored disagreements with the MCU boss over whether or not to feature Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield in the hotly-anticipated promo.

Few big budget epics have been under as intense a spotlight as Spider-Man: No Way Home over the last few months, and Sony appear to have been responding in kind by allowing countless behind the scenes snaps, stills and set videos to make their way online without even the merest threat of an internet-wide takedown, so maybe the fanciful theory isn’t all that wide of the mark.