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Where to stream the ‘Barbie’ movie at home

Now you can take 'Barbie' home, with her consent.

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Box-office juggernaut, lipstick-feminist orator, and zeitgeist mainstay Barbie is finally available for fans to watch at home. However, most will have to pay for the privilege of once again seeing Ryan Gosling’s patriarchal newcomer Ken demand to talk to a doctor, only for the scrub-clad lady in front of him to say flatly, “You are talking to a doctor.”

That’s right, Barbie is now available for digital purchase or rental. But it’s not yet streaming for free on Max, its eventual home in the coming weeks. David Zaslav, CEO of Warner Bros. Discovery and object of ridicule, said in an early August earnings call that Barbie will stream for free on Max sometime in the fall.

For now, it’s time to give director Greta Gerwig more residuals and rent/buy it some night when you don’t feel like watching Suits anymore.

Where can I rent or buy Barbie?

Barbie is available to rent for $24.99 or purchase for $29.99 on Amazon, iTunes, and other video-on-demand platforms. (We never remember the name of Google’s rental app now that Google Play has gone away. But if you have a Google device, try typing in “Barbie” and choosing the one with Margot Robbie’s face.)

However, Amazon Prime subscribers who sign up for the Max channel can apparently watch Barbie for free, per The Hollywood Reporter. The Max channel on Amazon has a free seven-day trial, then will cost Prime enrollees an extra $16 per month.

Basically, for a little more than the wildly inflated price of a movie ticket, you can rent or buy Barbie and then break up with your significant other like everyone else is doing.

No word yet on when Barbie‘s mega-hit cohort Oppenheimer will arrive on digital, so that legendary double feature is off the table—except in cinemas, where both movies are still dominating in alternating hues of pink and orange.

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