Who Are Zendaya’s Parents?

There is a new generation of stars on the rise in Hollywood. From Tom Holland to Florence Pugh, the younger generation of twenty-something actors have begun to take their rightful places in Hollywood as the headliners of their own big-budget shows and movies.

One such name is Spider-Man: Far From Home actress, Zendaya Coleman, who has certainly made great strides forward obtaining lead roles in HBO’S Euphoria and Warner Media’s upcoming reboot of Dune. Of course, she’s no stranger to lead roles having played the lead character of K.C. in Disney’s K.C. Undercover for three seasons as a teenager.

But before she reached stardom, Zendaya came from very humble beginnings. She credits a lot of that humility to her parents, Claire Stoermer and Kazembe Ajamu Coleman.

Her Parent’s History

In the early 90s, Claire Stoermer was a simple elementary school teacher from Oakland, California. But she also loved theater and showed that love by becoming a House Manager for the California Shakespeare Theater in Orinda, California. During the 90s, she met gym teacher Kazembe Coleman and the two began dating. In the late 90s, the couple had Zendaya, and years later the couple married in 2008 when Zendaya was twelve years old. It was during this same time that Claire began to include her daughter in her passion for theater and soon the future star began acting in some of her stage productions at the California Shakespeare Theater. 

Claire and Kazembe Coleman remained married throughout the early stages of Zendaya’s acting career and supported their daughter together, with Kazembe being hired on as Zendaya’s manager and bodyguard. Unfortunately, the couple decided to file for divorce in 2016. Although they’re divorced, the two still manage to keep a cordial relationship and remain very present in Zendaya’s life. Currently, Claire Stoermer runs a jewelry line called Kizzmet Jewelry — which her daughter frequently wears and raves about in social media posts — while Kazembe continues to remain by his daughter’s side as her manager and bodyguard.