Who is Marvel’s Moonstone and could she appear in the MCU?

Image via Marvel Comics

In a long-running franchise of any sort, everyone has favorite characters, whether prominent or not. In Harry Potter, some believe Neville Longbottom is the true hero of the story, in Batman projects no one roots for Robin to be a returning figure alongside the caped crusader and, in the Marvel universe, many get mushy for Moonstone and wonder if she will make an appearance on the big screen.

For those unaware, the character has recently been the subject of some online chatter, although she was first drawn in 1975. Born Karla Sofen, the female supervillain and occasional anti-hero got her powers from a fusion with a stone designed by the Kree. She previously made her living as a psychologist and is considered one of Marvel’s most powerful female supervillains. While her initial career is one people go into in order to help others, she picked the field in order to have better chances to manipulate people.

With superhuman strength, speed, stamina, durability, agility, reflexes, and flight (to name a few talents), she contracted herself out to different groups. One such mission saw her hold her own against the Hulk. After that, she joined the Masters of Evil before boarding the Thunderbolts and today can be seen at points as an enemy of Captain Marvel. Indeed, she once had the title currently held by Carol Danvers on the screen in the Dark Avengers and is also allergic to peanuts. To date, Sofen/Moonstone has only been seen on television in Avengers: United They Stand and Avengers: Assemble, though there are plenty of opportunities for an actress to become her in a new project, assuming Marvel wants to give someone the opportunity.

On the cosmic side, she could be in Secret Invasion or The Marvels to go up against Danvers as played by Brie Larson. On the more Earth-bound part of the franchise, she could be introduced in the Thunderbolts movie as a new member of the team by the time the credits’ role. For now, all audiences can do is wait and see, though we can see it as likely given her Danvers similarity.

After all, it’s not a superhero film third act if the main character does not fight someone with a similar set of powers, so, have faith!