Will Disney Move Avengers 4’s Release Date Back A Week?


If you’ve been keeping up to date with the various rumors and speculation around the upcoming Avengers 4, then you’re probably aware that the film’s first trailer – or more specifically, the lack thereof – has been a source of ongoing drama and disappointment, as the weeks pass by without so much as an official premiere date for the footage. But though you may have taken some comfort in the certainty that the movie itself is headed for cinemas on May 3rd, even this date isn’t necessarily set in stone.

Granted, while the online frustration mounts with each false alarm for the impeding trailer, the fans would probably be delighted if the film’s release date turned out to be wrong, since this would likely indicate an early arrival. Marvel Studios pulled this exact trick when they shifted the North American release of Avengers: Infinity War from from May 4th to April 27th this year, and according to Steven Weintraub from Collider, the same could well happen for the sequel, pleading his case in tweet form as so:

“Final @Avengers tweet tonight. I’m willing to bet big money @DisneyStudios moves Avengers 4 release date so it is day and date around the world like the last film. They haven’t done it yet but they will. Better for box office and dealing with piracy.”

Though Avengers 4 is currently scheduled to arrive in Europe one week earlier than North America, it’s easy to see from a marketing perspective why the studio would want the domestic and international schedules to be in sync, especially when you consider how spoiler-conscious Marvel is being these days.

If a change in date is what Disney has planned though, then it’ll probably be at least a couple of months until we find out. So for now, we’ll just keep saying that you can watch Avengers 4 in theaters from May 3rd, 2019.