Will Hugh Grant be in ‘Knives Out 3?’

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Over the last several weeks, film buffs have been having an absolute field day with the release of Rian Johnson’s unforgettable whodunit, Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery. Piggybacking on the success of 2019’s Knives Out, Johnson brought back iconic actor Daniel Craig to once again portray Benoit Blanc — a no-nonsense detective who, with a little elbow grease and patience, can solve any case placed in front of him. Fortunately for fans, Blanc’s story was explored further in the follow-up film — which even included the eye-opening revelation in regards to Blanc’s sexuality.

In Johnson’s enthralling sequel, Blanc is revealed to be gay and living with his domestic partner, Phillip (Hugh Grant). In one specific scene, Phillip answers the door and informs Blanc that Cassandra “Andi” Brand’s sister Helen has come to visit him and ask for help. And while Grant’s Phillip isn’t in the movie for very long, fans have expressed interest in seeing his story in the franchise expand — especially in regards to potential scenes with Craig’s Blanc.

Will Hugh Grant be in Knives Out 3?

Hugh Grant Knives Out Glass Onion
Photo via Netflix

At the time of this writing, Hugh Grant has yet to be officially confirmed to star in Knives Out 3. However, all hope is not lost on the opportunity, seeing as director Rian Johnson recently teased that the franchise’s third outing will further explore Blanc’s sexuality, which would undoubtedly include scenes and plot points involving Grant’s character.

The inclusion of Grant would certainly be a fan-favorite maneuver, seeing as fans quickly became attached to Blanc’s live-in partner, despite only seeing him for less than a minute. Still, Phillip’s involvement in the narrative will undoubtedly provide a bigger backstory for Blanc, who has easily become the center of the murder-mystery franchise.

For now, until the official cast list is released to the public, we can only hope and speculate that Grant will make a reappearance in Johnson’s film series. In the meantime, folks can enjoy Grant’s presence in Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery, which is available to stream on Netflix.