Will Jared Leto’s Joker Return For Suicide Squad 2?


DC was probably scratching their heads in confusion after the release of Suicide Squad. It was a total critical disaster (currently sitting at 25% on the Tomatometer), yet made a whopping $750m at the box office. Impressive for a film centred around D-list DC Universe villains, don’t you think?

No doubt they were pleased as punch with the financial returns, but where do you go with Suicide Squad 2? Tread the same path and risk more rotten eggs from the critics, or mix things up and risk turning off the existing audience?

Much of Suicide Squad‘s marketing revolved around Jared Leto’s trashpunk Joker, and you’d assume he’d at least be returning for the sequel. As it turns out, however, he may not be. Leto was asked point blank about this in an interview with Entertainment Tonight Canada, and said the following:

“Talking about Joker is like talking about Fight Club… it’s the first rule. Unless you want to gargle your testicles, it’s probably better to leave it.”

Fair enough, I certainly wouldn’t want to gargle my testicles. That sounds disgusting. But surely he’s playing coy here. Director David Ayer has admitted that a greater focus on Joker would have improved Suicide Squad and it seems like a no-brainer for DC to make the most of one of their more bankable characters.

Then again, after Leto’s behaviour during production, maybe the cast and crew don’t want him back? Leto, eager to get in character, gave Margot Robbie a live rat in a box and sent used condoms and anal beads to the rest of the cast. Trust me, beginning the work day by opening your post and discovering a set of used anal beads in an envelope really puts you off your morning coffee.

Hopefully details about Suicide Squad 2 and any involvement of Leto’s Joker should start trickling out soon. Until they do, though, tell us, do you want to see Leto back in the sequel, or indeed in any other DCEU movie? Let us know in the comments section.