Leaked Avengers 4 Art May Reveal Captain Marvel’s New Weapon


Marvel News India has been releasing some pretty interesting images of late relating to Avengers 4. Earlier this week, for instance, we got a look at a brutal twin-bladed sword rumored to be wielded by Thanos against our heroes and now, we’ve got a glimpse at a similarly fierce looking axe.

Upon first glance, it’s difficult to determine who might be wielding this weapon. After all, Thor already has Stormbreaker and there just aren’t that many characters who need a battle axe. Fortunately, though, the attention to detail of hardcore MCU fans has paid off once again, as an eagle-eyed Redditor has a pretty convincing theory of who’s going to be using it.

Said user is named (sigh) Benjaminbuttcrack, and they explain that in Avengers: Infinity War, Eitri (Peter Dinklage’s dwarven blacksmith) fills two molds while creating Stormbreaker, meaning this could be another celestial weapon of immense power. On top of that, in the 2011 Fear Itself Marvel Comics series, Ms. Marvel (aka Carol Danvers) wields an Asgardian axe.

You can check out everything for yourself in the gallery below and see if you agree with the Redditor. If you ask us, though, it’s a pretty solid theory.

Given that Thor explains to the Guardians of the Galaxy in Infinity War that star-forged weapons can’t be wielded by normal mortals, it stands to reason that Captain Marvel (already billed as the most powerful hero in the MCU) would be among the few able to use an axe like this. Then again, if she is the most powerful hero in the MCU and she needs to augment her abilities with a weapon in order to triumph, it suggests that Thanos is going to be a seriously bonkers enemy to defeat.

In any case, with rumors of an Avengers 4 trailer dropping later this year, we may get a look at who’ll be wielding what weapons quite soon. Then again, given that Captain Marvel will only make her debut on March 8th, 2019, I doubt we’ll see much of her in the preview, so you’d best settle in for a long wait until the mystery of this axe is conclusively solved.

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