Will Zack Snyder’s Justice League Use The Watchtower?

Aquaman Teases the Watchtower in Zack Snyder’s Justice League

Aquaman Teases the Watchtower in Zack Snyder’s Justice League

If Aquaman actor Jason Momoa’s recent Instagram post is a sign of things to come, it looks as though the Watchtower may be one of the super-hangouts featured in Zack Snyder’s upcoming Justice League: Part One. The actor recently posted a video of himself getting into shape for Justice League, which starts filming this year, tagging it “getting ready for the castle. Watchtower.”

Unless he has strong ties to the Church of Latter Day Saints, he’s likely referring to the Justice League’s orbital stronghold.

At the end of a rough day, the members of Warner Bros./DC’s Justice League – first assembled in 1960 – have been known to retire to their own abodes. But when supervillains unravel their nefarious plots upon the planet, DC’s superheroes need a place to meet, greet and monitor the developing situation. That’s where the Hall of Justice comes into play.

General audiences have likely heard of the venerated Hall of Justice. It’s been a staple in mainstream entertainment for decades. But the Justice League has been known to conduct their superhero business in several locations, including their Detroit Compound, the Secret Sanctuary, and the Watchtower.

The Watchtower first appeared during Grant Morrison’s run, specifically in JLA #4 (1997). It was originally created as a moon base for the JLA, but morphed into an orbital platform during the reformation of JLA in 2007, funded by Bruce Wayne and designed by Wonder Woman (its real-world redesigner was artist Jim Lee).

The Watchtower has been seen in several different incarnations since then, including as a building on Smallville, and both an outer-space emplacement (in the Batman Beyond) and an underwater fortress (Justice League Unlimited), among others.

If Momoa’s caption is accurate, it hints at two possible directions for the upcoming superhero assemblage: an underworld fortress (linked to rumors of an Atlantean-human war) or a space station, pointing us towards the Darkseid/Apokalips teasers in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. Whichever direction Snyder and writer Chris Terrio head in, it will surely be epic in scale.