Will Willem Dafoe Become A Nymphomaniac?

The other day Stellan Skarsgård announced that Danish director Lars Von Trier wanted his to join his next picture, The Nymphomaniac. Now another recurring collaborator of Von Triers, Willem Dafoe, announced that Von Trier also wants him in the project.

Dafoe, who worked with Von Trier on Manderlay and Antichrist, was in Venice promoting his new film Abel Ferrara‘s 4:44 Last Day On Earth, when he told C7nema  that Von Trier had also contacted him about the project. Dafoe added that he was taking his time in deciding whether to do the project or not, saying he “will only make a decision after the [press for] 4.44 is over.”

There is no more information on Dafoe role and the only other details known about the project are that the film will follow “the erotic life of a woman from the age of zero to the age of 50” and the film will follow Von Trier’s personal structure of chapters, and two of those chapters will be titled “The Western and Eastern Church” and “The Little Organ School.”

We also know that there will be two cuts of the film, one being a commercial cut and another that is being described, quite ironically I might add, as “the hard cut”.

The Nymphomaiac is set for a Summer 2012 shoot and a 2013 release. Von Triers next film, Melancholia, will be released on November 11.