Aquaman Star Says Robert Pattinson Has The Right Chin For Batman

Batman Gotham

All the signs are pointing to Robert Pattinson being cast as the next Batman. While the actor himself is sidestepping any questions on the topic of the DC character at present, one of his co-stars is free to talk about the rumors and thinks the 33-year-old Brit would make a great Dark Knight. If only because he has the right jawline.

Willem Dafoe stars with Pattinson in Robert Eggers’ The Lighthouse and, while promoting the film, told Variety’s Big Ticket Podcast that he thinks the former Twilight actor has the requisite “strong chin” to take on the iconic role of Bruce Wayne.

Here’s how the actor humorously put it:

“He’s got a strong chin. That’s a part of it. Can you imagine anyone with a weak chin ever playing Batman? I don’t think so.”

Dafoe is qualified to speak on whether Pattinson should be Batman as he’s already part of the DCEU himself. The star, most known as the Green Goblin in the original Spider-Man trilogy, played Vulko, Arthur Curry’s mentor, in last year’s Aquaman. He’s also been a fan favorite to play the Joker for decades now, though that’s never panned out.

Pattinson is lined up to portray the lead in Matt Reeves’ The Batman and as of last week, he was said to be undergoing a rigorous auditioning process. However, We Got This Covered’s latest intel points to that being over now, with Warner Bros. ready to make the official announcement on Pattinson’s casting soon.

Dafoe’s correct that the actor has the facial features for Batman, as all those epic pieces of fan art prove that he’d look the part in a Batsuit. The internet went a tad crazy when he was first linked to the role, but it seems like many have come around and are willing to give him a try. If nothing else, at least he’s got the right chin.